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Daniel Radcliffe selfie with fans at the premiere of The F Word in Toronto | July 21th 

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Their hearts started to beat faster than usual as he gently took her small hand into his huge one, awakening those unknown feelings hidden in their hearts.

They had never bothered to say them out all aloud, but maybe after their eyes met; as brown clashed into molten silver,

It was about time that those three beautiful words to come out of their sinful lips …

'I Love You.'

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I feel my stomach fluttering with butterflies as she walks towards me with her refreshing smile …

The very same smile I had grown to love over the years, even this beautiful woman who always stood by my side, who loved me for the man I was today.

It was all because of her.

I could voice out my feelings … I really could!

But only if ….

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Emma Watson as Ila in ‘Noah’ (2014)

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I compared all these wedding pictures to their baby ones, I'm a mess.
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they grow up so fast


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One of my favorite shots ever.

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everything about this screenshot is so in character

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