"Embarrassing moments, let me think… Well - I’ve done a bit of dancing now; but whenever you see like a dancing scene in a film that’s in like a club, it’s really weird to do because you don’t have any music. What they’ll do in the beginning is they’ll play 5 seconds of music at the volume that it would be in a club… so that everyone’s dancing to like different songs and different rhythms and everyone’s like making it up in their own head… So that was the closest I got to embarrassment and you can see it on my face"

- Daniel Radcliffe dancing in What If

Kill Your Darlings: Chapter 10


Summary: AU: Its 1955. Ten years ago, the wretched World War tore the two lovers apart. And now, after living a different life for the past decade, Harry Potter, a young criminal detective finds himself involved in the Prime Minister’s murder,where he re-meets his first love, and now the infamous British actress Hermione Granger, who happens to be the prime suspect of the murder.

Genre: Romance/Mystery

Rating: M


harry potter herm Hermione Granger harry and hermione harry x hermione harmony fanfiction romance